About us

shapeimage_3RDM was established in 1983 to alleviate the poverty of families in the village of Parakkanvilai that had no education, no health provision and very few prospects for the future.

Through hard work and sheer determination, the organisation has grown and prospered to become a community-wide venture than now employs over 350 workers and a team of 18 full-time staff.  Through the dedication of its founder, Dr Israel Selvanayagam, and a group of socially minded and caring people, RDM is the focal point of this small rural community and a firm basis from which further developments can be made.

RDM has given this community the RDM officeencouragement and the support to reach out and better their circumstances, to better their levels of health care and to demand more from their lives.  It has not provided a facility that people look to to solve their problems, but offered a supportive and encouraging framework to enable people to lift themselves out of poor and unacceptable conditions.

It has given people a sense of I can rather than I can’t, a sense of I will try rather than I will fail, a means to begin their journey from poverty to self reliance and a goal to aim for.