RDM Posters & Gift Aid Envelopes

Are you holding a fundraising event or a collection for RDM?  A3 posters and gift aid envelopes are now available.

RDM poster



The colourful A3 posters feature pictures of the RDM centre, a child in the nursery school, a computer student and a worker in the handcrafts centre. Perfect for fundraising events, or to display in your church or community centre.





RDM GIft Aid


Gift Aid envelopes can be ordered for events along with simple instructions for how to use them.

Please let us know how many you would like.


The publicity materials have been donated, so please consider making a donation to RDM to cover the costs of printing and postage.

Please contact us if you would like to order posters, gift aid envelopes or post cards for your event. Please give us a few weeks’ notice so we can make sure they arrive in time. Thank you!

RDM postcards now available!


Are you having a fundraising event for RDM? RDM publicity postcards have arrived and are now available to order.

The front of the postcard features a student from the tailoring centre, and the reverse side has some information about RDM and a blank space for your own message.

Publicity postcards are free, but we ask you to make a donation to RDM. Please contact us for further details.

Friends enjoy new RDM bunting

Friends of RDM in the UK took the opportunity to show off the colourful sari bunting  when they met together for the 2017 annual meeting.  The latest handcraft product from RDM proved very popular and has already been ordered for baptisms and weddings.

The Annual General Meeting of the RDM Parakkanvilai Fund was held in Evesham, Worcestershire, where the RDM founder, Dr Israel Selvanayagam, is serving as the Methodist Minister.  Israel and Leela have returned to the UK after several years of ministry in India and the Friends were delighted to visit them in their new home.

The formal meeting of the RDM Parakkanvilai Fund trustees took place in the morning, completing the formal business required by the UK Charity Commission including the election of officers and the treasurer’s report.  A detailed report from RDM’s activities this year reminded everyone present how valuable the work of RDM is to the community.  A delicious lunch of home-cooked curry was followed by the annual meeting of the Friends of RDM, the wider network of supporters and fundraisers.

Anyone who is a friend or supporter of RDM is welcome to attend the annual meeting, even if you are not a trustee of the charity.  If you are interested in attending in future, or just being on the mailing list, please contact us.

Hosanna! Churches celebrate with Palm Crosses from RDM

The beautiful handmade Palm Crosses from RDM have made it to the UK!

RDM Palm Crosses were used for worship on Palm Sunday at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Arbury in Cambridge; St Lawrence’s Church, Seal Chart in Kent (photo above); and St Matthew’s, St Cadoc’s and St John’s Churches of the Rectorial Benefice of Pontypool in Wales.

Palm Crosses are of beautiful quality and are extremely good value.  To order some for Easter 2018 please visit the Palm Cross page.

Have you been somewhere which has used the RDM Palm Crosses?  Please contact us to let us know and send us a photo!

New website launched

Welcome to the new RDM Parakkanvilai Fund website!

This website is maintained by volunteers and supporters in the UK.  Check here for news about RDM and supporters.

Please use the contact page to get in touch.  We would love to hear your stories about visits to India, supporter news and fundraising events.  We can also arrange visits to Parakkanvilai to see the amazing work of the team at RDM.

If you are a trade supplier in India and interested in working with RDM, please get in touch and we will pass your request on to the team at RDM.

Palm Crosses available to order

Tall palmyra trees grow around RDM and across the village of Parakkanvilai.  The palm leaves are a natural, environmentally friendly waste product.  They are dried in the sun before being made into products for sale by RDM including bags and hats.

The workers in the RDM Palm Leaf Centre have developed Palm Crosses made from the palmyra leaves.  They are of extremely high quality, and handmade in safe, airy working conditions by workers who are paid fair wages.

RDM Palm Crosses are extremely good value, available in exchange for a donation:

£20 to receive 100 Palm Crosses

£25 to receive 150 Palm Crosses

£30 to receive 200 Palm Crosses

For more information, click here.