RDM needs a new minibus!

Since 2000, RDM has operated an essential minibus service for members of the rural community.

The RDM minibus (above, left) has been a lifeline to people on very low incomes. 

It has helped people get to vital appointments and special occasions that they would otherwise be unable to access, including:

  • Elderly people who need medical care in hard-to-reach hospitals
  • Children from the local orphanage to enjoy a special day out 
  • Family members for travel together to the airport, to say goodbye to husbands and fathers who will be working abroad for 3-5 years before they return home

Due to new government regulations, the 22 year-old RDM minibus can no longer be used.

This is a severe loss to the people who rely on it, since other affordable transport options are not available. 

Can you help?

RDM is now fundraising for a new vehicle (above, right): a 12 seater minibus at the cost of RS 25,00000 (£25,000).  

This is an enormous amount of money for a poor community which remains severely challenged by the economic effects of Covid.

Please visit our giving page to make a donation.

For further details please contact the founder of RDM, Dr Israel Selvanayagam.

Please help RDM to serve the poorest in the community by providing essential transport for important occasions.