Whilst RDM aims to be fully sustainable, the commitment to paying consistent wages means there is little money available for new projects. Much of the extended support which RDM provides to the local people, including low-cost financial loans, is only possible because of donations from people further afield.

How much of my donation goes to RDM?

RDM Parakkanvilai Fund is run entirely by volunteers, who set up the UK charity in order to send money for supporting the work of RDM in India.  Any donations are sent straight to RDM in India by the Treasurer of RDM Parakkanvilai Fund.

Donations to RDM can be made through RDM Parakkanvilai Fund (England & Wales Registered Charity 1080653). If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider adding Gift Aid to your donation to make your money go even further.

To make a donation by electronic payment – either one-off or to set up a standing order – please use the Contact Form to get in touch and we can send you the bank details of RDM Parakkanvilai Fund.

To make a one-off donation by cheque, please print the Donation Form and send to the Treasurer.  Please include Gift Aid information if you are a UK taxpayer.

Donation Form

Giving money regularly by Standing Order is the best way to give to RDM, because it helps the staff plan ahead for projects. To set up a Standing Order, print the Standing Order Form and send it to your bank, and print a Donation Form and send it to the Treasurer so we know to expect your gift.

RDM Standing order form 2020